Mission Statement

Academy of Chemical and Biochemical Engineers Mission Statement Revised 2012, April 2021, March 2023

1) To recognize Chemical and Biochemical Engineering graduates who have provided outstanding leadership, attained significant levels of professional achievement and success, and demonstrated high standards of person and professional integrity. 

2) To provide advisory guidance and counsel at the call of the Chair of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, faculty, or students of the department.

3) To strengthen the dedication and understanding of students to chemical and biochemical engineering through personal and professional example.

4) To partner with the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department to support the Strategic Plan of the Department by:

  • Providing expertise and networks to identify opportunities and resources for the department.
  • Helping to identify external sources of financial support, assisting the Department to secure that support, and providing personal financial support by the members.

5) To partner with the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department to ensure it stays relevant to current industry practices, technologies, or expanding markets in the chemical and biochemical engineering industry. 

6) To align with the Industry Advisory Council and other university stakeholders to maximize the support for and the benefits to the Chemica and Biochemical Engineering Department.