The Academy of Chemical Engineers Lectureship

The Academy of Chemical engineering Lecture Award is given to recognize and honor an outstanding educator in the field of chemical engineering. This award is made possible through the generous support of the MSM/Missouri S&T Academy of Chemical Engineers.




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Dr. Phillip Westmoreland

“Building the Future of Chemical Engineering Practice and Education”

Dr. Mark Barteau

"Engaging the World Beyond the Ivied Walls: A Few Lessons Not Learned in School"

Professor Norman W. Loney

"Analytical Solutions to Models of Transport Processes--A Hemodialyzer"

"Credentialing Students in Their First Separations Course Using a Problem Based Approach"

Professor Samir Mitragotri

"Understanding and Overcoming Biological Barriers for Drug Delivery"

"Clinical and Commercial Translation of Academic Inventions"

Professor Daniel Crowl

"Why We Can't Really Measure Flammable Limits"

"The Business and Academic Case for Process Safety"

Professor Arvind Varma

"Selected Topics Related to Energy and Chemicals"

"Evolving Trends in Chemical Engineering Education"

Professor L.S. Fan

"Chemical Looping Technology"

"Chemical Engineering Education in Particles Flows"

Professor John Berg

"Can We Use Thermodynamics to Predict Adhesion?"

"The Magic of Interfaces and Colloids: The Bridge of Nanoscience"

Professor John Prausnitz

"Thermodynamics For Biotechnology"

"Chemical Engineering for the Postmodern World"

Professor Carol Hall

"Thermodynamic and Kinetic Origins of Alzheimer's and Related Diseases: A Chemical Engineer's Perspective"

"Confessions of an Ordinary Teacher - Dealing with the Big Fish"

Professor Nicholas Peppas

"Recognition and Delivery: The Next Generation of Medical Microdevices"

"Addressing Educational Problems in an Evolving, Global and Challenging Chemical Engineering World"

Gregory Stephanopoulos

"Chemical and Biological Engineering: A New Dimension To A Successful Paradigm"

Professor Richard Felder

"The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Engineering"

"Engineering Education in Five Years (or sooner)"

Professor Michael Shuler

"Animal-On-A-Chip: Towards Preventive Toxicology"

"Biochemical Engineering: Creating Societal Value from Our Emerging Understanding of Life"

Professor Robert C. Armstrong

"Rheology and Fluid Mechanics of Polymer Solutions Undergoing Rapid Elongational Deformations"

"Frontiers in Chemical Engineering Education"

Professor Octave Levenspiel

"Modeling the Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactor, BFB."

"A Chemical Engineer Visits Dinosaurland"

Professor H. Scott Fogler

"Fused Chemical Reactions: From The Pharmacokinetics of Acute Toxicology to Wax Removal in Sub-Sea Oil Pipelines"

"Using the Senior Unit Operations Laboratory to Develop Trouble Shooting Skills and to Ease the Transition to the Work Place"

Professor Phillip C. Wankat

"Comparing the Dynamic Behavior of Packed and Staged Systems for Concentrated Absorption"

"Teaching Improvement Has Failed - Let's Improve the Learners" 

L.E. 'Skip' Scriven

"Visualization in Research"

"Chemical Engineering Evolves"

Stuart W. Churchill

"Can We Teach Our Students to be Innovative?"

Thomas F. Edgar

"Information Technology and Chemical Engineering Education: Evolution or Revolution?"

"Process Engineering in the 21st Century: The Impact of Information Technology"

R. Byron Bird

"How Should We Explain the Macroscopic Mechanical Energy Balance (The "Engineering Bernoulli Equation")?"

"Kinematic Theory and Transport Properties of Polymeric Liquids"